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Saturday, September 30, 2006

Here is the finished product. One day we may actually put the crib together so she can sleep in it!

We have yet to put the crib together, but the changing table finally came in and looks beautiful!

Grandma Nancy came and helped paint the nursery. We hope she is a girl!

Uncle Matt and Grandpa Bell came and helped stain the crib. Our princess is so lucky!

As you can see, Tony worked very hard! I managed to take pictures and keep him company. Although, he looks like he is doing surgery, he really is working on the crib!

We are lucky enough to have friends who gave us a crib they were going to give away. But we, Tony, had to refiinsh it. Tony spent hours refinishing the crib. Here is how it looked when he started.
Tony and I put this together so our friends and family could see our family has we grow!