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Friday, May 27, 2011

Just a few quick updates....
Kennedy is done with school, she is sad but we have lots of play dates planned and a few camps. Tball is going well.  I think she likes it more than she thought!!  Hopefully she will be able to participate in everything.  I guess it would be good if we sold our house, but if we don't we can still do all of our plans this summer. 

We are in the midst of potty training Carter.  Tony got is started last weekend and we have done pretty good this week.  A few accidents when we have been outside playing, but for the most part he is doing good.  I guess it helps when you get a pez candy every time you go!!  :)

June 1st, next wednesday, Carter is getting another set of tubes in his ears and his adnoids out.  At his 6 month check-up they said the left one was out of place and had fluid in it.  They waited 6 weeks to see if it would clear up on its own, but it didn't.  They said the adnoids procedure would only add 5 minutes on to the surgery time-they obviously do it at the same time.  Last August is when they put in the first set of tubes and it took 10 minutes.  This time they will have to give him an IV, but will wait to do that after they have knocked him out with the gas (and he is back in the room, without me!).  Keep him in your prayers.  I know he will be fine, but I just hate that he has to go through this again!

Have a good weekend everyone!!!    

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Dance Recital!!!
Before the recital....can we get some showmanship, please!  :)

Gettting read to perform..

On Sunday, Kennedy had her dance recital.  She was awesome!!!

This past Saturday we had a few terrible storms.  Weatherman Tony Compton was on duty and took some pretty crazy pictures!  Thankfully children were inside while my husband was risking his life for pictures to put on the blog!!!  Thankfully the last few pictures were after it had passed our house.

Friday, May 20, 2011


Kennedy has been playing t-ball for about 3 weeks now....actually they have been practicing for 3 weeks.  Last night was the first game and wow was it fun.  They only played 2 innings and Kennedy liked to bat.  The 1st inning she swung a couple of times and missed, but hit it really well off the tee.  The 2nd inning she hit the ball on the first pitch.  It was awesome!!!  She played 3rd base the first inning and 1st base the second inning.  Here are a few pictures and the video of her in the second inning is the next post.

Kenendy is #4.  Next at bat!

Taking a practice swing....

on 2nd base...

playing 3rd.  at least she looks like she belongs!!!

The coach to help...this was after she kicked the gravel and it went in her eyes.  wow.

playing 1st...

stretching at 1st base...shortly after this picture she screamed at me (I was at the fence on the 3rd base line) "Mom, when is this over?!"  Classic.

Running to get drinks after they shook the other teams hand. 

Nana and Georgie were there to watch and Carter did a good job of cheering!

This past Tuesday, Kennedy's class went on a field trip to the zoo.  It was great!  Carter andd I got to tag along and we had a great time!!  Kennedy's is in the yellow shirt and white skirt.  

The orangutan came right up to the window to check out the kids.  It was great!

There are 14 in the class.  Kennedy's friend, Kingston, is in the sunglasses on the far right.  Now you know why she hangs out with him!!  Kennedy, of course, front and center!!!

Carter really liked the lion.

Kenendy and her buddy Reece.

Carter macking on the ladies!

Carter....again with the ladies.

Mother's Day

We had a nice little surprise on Mother's day when we found 3 little eggs under one of our bushes in the front yard.  I am guess Robin's eggs, because they are blue, but have no idea really!  The kids thought it was awesome, however they have since disappeared.  "I'm sure the mom came and got them!"  Said Kennedy...I'm sure it was the neighbors dog.  :)

Happy Mother's Day!!  I can't believe how lucky I am to have 2 beautiful, healthy kids!!!


The day before Easter the kids and I made a coffee cake for Easter morning.  There were highs and lows....

Easter cont...
Easter morning we opened our Easter Baskets and went to church.

Will the look on Carter's face be this cute when he is 15.....hmmmm

Easter cont.....

We colored Easter eggs....

why does it take so long!!!
and had an Easter egg hunt....

Easter Party!

Kenendy had a Easter party and it was alot of fun.  They played games at circle time and had an easter egg hunt.  Carter got to participate and Kennedy was a wonderful big sis to help! 

Carter hung out with one of Kennedy's classmates twin sisters.  What a ladies man!!!

This is Kennedy's BFF, Kingston.

What a good big sis!!!!