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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Kennedy's acting debut!
Kennedy was in a play of Cinderella.  They wrote their own lines!  :)  Just a summer camp she went to, but loved it!  A few pics and then a little video.  enjoy!


 A few July gems.....

Carter and I were at the gas station when a policeman pulled up.  Carter really wanted to meet him so we said hello.  The officer game him a sticker and I think Carter really thought he was policeman after that.  So proud!!

Monday was Carter's first visit to the dentist.  He was kindof happy here...

No so much here....

Kennedy was living the life....

So she kicked off her shoes to relax.  What?

Anniversary dinner.  Yeah us!  :)

Kennedy-After lunch today, she devoured a pb&j, I asked if she was still hungry.  She said, "I need a buffet."  That's my girl!!!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

The kids finished swimming lessons and moved on to the next class up.  They loved them!  Kennedy is quite a fish and we have already used many of our new skills swimming in the lake.

Kennedy loved her teacher Mr. Eddie.  He was really funny.  A video of Kennedy will be added soon.

June Fishing!

One of the few things we have been doing alot of this summer is fishing.  The kids love it!  Thankfully there are ALOT of little fish that are dying to be caught by a pink princess pole and a red Cars pole.  Here are some pics of the first trip. 

So happy to be fishing!

Kennedy caught this nasty thing.

A guess it is a bullnose catfish.  It was very strong and Kennedy's pole was about to break.  We agreed that it was very ugly.

Even Daddy caught a one..

or two.

Kennedy doing a canonball into the lake.

swimming in the lake

Daddy diving off the back.  Kennedy jumped off the back as well.  This won't surprise anyone, but Kennedy was fearless....Carter wasn't interested in jumping off the boat!

Off the dock, yes.

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This is just too funny, not to share!  We were cleaning out the garage and Kennedy wanted to run through the sprinklers.  I told her she had to wait and this is what I got.  Too bad I don't REALLY use that exercise ball!  Gotta love a drama queen!

Summer Fun!

Yes, I have been MIA for quite some time.  I am sorry for that, but here is the summer in a nutshell.


Thank you everyone for the McDonald's GC.  They come in handy on a cold or rainy day.  Gotta love the chocolate shakes and play area!!!

May Day snacks, "Dirt Sundaes"

Love the worms!!

Yes, towards the end of May they had swimsuits on...too cold for me, but they couldn't wait!

Doing a little fishing...MANY more pictures to come of this!

Our official boat Driver.  He is not only a good driver, but pretty cute too!