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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Exciting News!!!! 
Carter is now a man!!!  He learned how to shave.  He got a shaving kit for Christmas and last night tried it out. 
NOTE:  Carter is now trying to copy everything Tony does.  It is adorable! You can see by the outfits.  Carter changed so that they could match.  Love it!!! 
shaving cream...

more shaving cream...

daddy helping

And for the shave!  Even big sis helped.

You have to have a warm towel afterwards!!

admiring his handy work!!!  He kept touching his face because he really thought he had shaved.  Too cute!!!!

Fancy Nancy day at school!!
At school this week they have been reading the Fancy Nancy books.  Today they had a party and could dress up.
In Minnesota you rock boots with your fancy dress!  :)  She did have flats to change into at school, of course!  As we drove to school (because someone this fancy can NOT ride the bus), Kennedy said, "We are all going to look so posh! That is fancy for fancy."  :)

Waiting at the smartboard to check in. Please note the addition of the crown.

Kennedy's teacher, Mrs. McCarthy.  I like to call her THE Fancy Nancy!!

They had a "meeting" in the gym.  When they got to the gym, the doors had streamers hanging from them that they had to walk through and a red carper.  It was so cute.  All 3 kindergarten classes were there dressed up.  The man in the tan shirt is the principal and the red shirts is the assistant.  They looked the part and the kids loved it!!!  They brought presents to the students that the teachers opened and they were itouches.  Not for every student, but 4 kids will share 1 itouch. Really?  In Kindergarten?  The kids were screaming!!!

The entire class