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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

What a great weekend!!!
This past weekend we met some friends in Wichita.  Tony played golf and I had some girl time.  The best part was getting to see my parents.  While it was very short, the kids got to spend all weekend with them.  Thankfully I got to have some much needed relaxing time.  It was so awesome!  The kids had such a great time and I think my parents (and uncle matt) had a pretty good time too!  Although I don't have any pictures from the weekend (I was too busy getting a massage and napping!) I did get a few pictures of us on the way....
Yes. we took the jet and yes it was the kids first time flying.  Kennedy flew when she was 6 months, but doesn't really remember.  Really?!  I flew on this for the first time in January....when I was 32.  I hope these kids feel lucky and realize they shouldn't get use to this!!!

Carter was a little nervous, but that went away pretty quick and turned into excitement!!

Kennedy wanted to ride up front with the pilot the whole time!

So excited!!!

Kennedy got her chance to "drive" the plane.  In case you don't know, the pilot for the company is Shannon Welch from GC.  I wouldn't have it any other way!  He took VERY good care of my family!  Thanks, Shannon!!!

They got to go to Build-a-Bear and they each got glasses for their bear.  Fortunately they also fit the kids. 

We had a wonderful weekend and feel so blessed to have family willing to be with the kids while we got some adult time.  Thanks Mom, Dad and Matt!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

A little update.....
Things are going better on the bus.  Kennedy is trying to call herself down in the morning and not cry.  Tony bribed her with a Justin Bieber CD and that is working so far.  Carter is doing pretty good too, oh wait, no he isn't he cried Tuesday.  Here is hoping spiky hair brings good luck today and there will be no crying!!

Thursday, September 13, 2012

And boom goes the dynamite.....
Here I thought things were going so well and then today.
Kid #1
This is what we had last night....
Coming up the stairs we find Kennedy in a pile of tears.  She was crying for who knows what reason.  She has been a little emotional lately.  All day, every day is hard for someone who still lays down to rest every afternoon.  She is scared she is going to miss the bus and this morning she was waiting there and I was walking down the street to wait with her, it is 2 houses down remember, and the bus is coming.  She comes running and crying.....long story short she decides she is too upset to get on the bus, please keep in mind here that the bus driver let her get off to give me a hug only for her to get on, turn around and get off the bus.  I was angry to say the least, but sad for her because she is struggling with this bus thing.  She loves school and it is great!  Wednesday the teacher called to say that Kennedy is,"a great leader and plays very well with the other kids."  argh, you bus!!!! I dropped her off and talked to the teacher who is oh-so-compassionate when I want to show anything but compassion.  :)  I checked on her when I dropped off Carter and she is doing fine and will ride the bus home.  Wow.
Kid #2
We had a great morning(after the bus left) and the drive to school was fine.  We are waiting in line and he says again, "this is going to be fun."  I am pleased as punch because of what happened this morning and we walk in the room and boom.  Nothing happened he just decided he wanted me to stay.  Now.  It is easier to control yourself when Kennedy cries because she is screaming at you the whole time and is mad.  Carter on the other hand, he is so sad it is terrible!!!  He tries not to cry and puts his tongue in his cheek while his eyes are filling up with tears and his chin is quiverring. Really!  So there I sit next to him on the carpet, trying not to cry while explaining to him how long 2 1/2 hours is.  Sheesh.
Thank you God for giving me 2 children who are healthy and moderately happy.  Let me remember that when I want to leave them at school and drive off into the sunset.
Happy Thursday!!!

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Carter's big day!!!
He really wanted to ride the bus.  I think he was actually sad that I had to take him.

Proud big sis!!

Here we are waiting to go into school.  Carter looked at me and said, "there are alot of kids.  This is going to be so fun!"  He was obviously very excited. 

Here is his cubby!  He put away his backpack.

Got his nametag and went to the question board.  They asked him if he was excited for school and he said yes.

Then he sat down in the beanbag chair, looked at me and said, "Bye, Mom!"  I was so shocked!  I thought he would cry and he wasn't upset at all!  On the way to school I was explaing that I would come back and get him and he asked if I was leaving. I told him yes and he said, "Oh, I didn't know that."  After then I was sure he would cry.  Wow was I wrong.  Mom cried twice. Kids 0 

Thursday, September 06, 2012

Kennedy's teacher sent this picture for us to see while they were at school today.  They took it from their classroom IPod.  Wow!  It was so great!!!  You can see she has her arm around some little boy.  Making friends already!!!
Carter and I waiting for the bus.  The bus stop is 3 house north of us.  It is very close!

You can see how close we are.  Our house is the second house on the left (the 2 storyone).
Here she comes!!!

Our little kindergartener!!!  She ran off the bus and said, "I loved it!"  She said she wanted to go back so I guess that means she like it.  She said she had alot of fun!  Way to go Kennedy!!!

Yesterday was Kennedy's first day of Kindergarten!!!  I can't believe how fast it has gone?!  We live about 5 minutes from the school, but she was able to and REALLY wanted to ride the bus!  I wasn't sure but agreed to it!
When I asked her to pose for her first day picture, this is what she did.  She had picked a dandelion and wanted to put it in her month.  Sweet pearl!!!  We opted for the next picture!

So happy to start school!

Carter will start school next week, so today he was just the proud little brother!
Our little Kennedy getting on the bus.  She said that when she got off there was a little kid crying and she helped her find a teacher.  I asked how old she was and she said Kindergarten.  Kennedy had no idea where she was going but helped a little girl.  I hope she is this helpful all year!!!

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

School Days!!!!

Today Kennedy had a short orientation at school and Carter had meet the teacher day.  Tomorrow will be Kennedy's first day of school and she will be riding the bus!!!  We will get pictures and post them tomorrow!!

Kennedy in front of her new school.
Last week we had meet the teacher day for Kennedy.  Here she is then at her desk, well table.  She shares will 5 other kids.  We will see how that goes for Ms. Talk-a-lot.  Last year she couldn't have her cot next to her friend at nap time because they talked too much.  :)  Can't imagine where she would gets that....TONY!

They had a pretend full day.  We had circle time, story time and center time.  Her teacher is Mrs. McCarthy.  We really like her!

Carter got to meet his teachers today, Ms. Sue and Ms. Sara.  They basically just had a chance to check out the room and meet some of his new classmates.  

Thankfully Tony taught Carter, "dueces."  I don't even know what it really means except that it is the gangster way to give the peace sign.  Next week he will have his first official day of school and we will have a better picture then.

He walked in the door and started playing with the house.  It was so cute until he took all of the furniture out of the house.  I asked him what he was doing and he said, "They are moving.  They have to get everything out of the house and then someone else will move in."  Yes.  I cried a little bit.

All in all I think it was a great day!  We even went to Subway for lunch to celebrate!

Last day of Summer!!

  To celebrate the end of summer, we had a campfire on the beach last night!  The kids obviously loved it and I enjoyed it very much since the kids wanted to toast more marshmallows than they wanted to eat!!  :)
much anticipation!!!

What will happen?!

The fire will be hot...



smores!!!  Yummo!!!

sweet pearl!  it is so hot to roast marshmallows!!

carter had to sit on the rocks because the fire was so hot!