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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Billy (our elf on a shelf) brought a late present to the kids since we weren't in MN for Christmas.  This is what they got....

Merry Christmas, Round 3!!
After spending four days in Hiawatha, we came home on the 16th and promptly opened our presents.  The kids got Tony and I ornaments they had made at school so here they are putting them on the tree.

Here is Kennedy's ornament!  She was all dressed in her winter clothes and she is sledding!!  click on the picture and you can see how stinking happy she is!!!!

Carter's ornament had snowmen all over it that he had made with his finerprints.  Too cute!!!  He kept telling us that he did with paint all over his hands!  :)

New shirt...

Daddy helping Carter open his construction set.

A shirt covered in tractors.  What a cheeseball!!!

Nona and Papa got Kennedy am American Girl doll.  Tony and I got them matching PJs.

Taking a little rest from opening presents.

Tony got an leather ipad holder...posing with his best girl!!!

Carter and his construction set.  All of the pieces are wooden and very sturdy.  It has a car transporter, a cement truck, a dump truck and a digger.  There are little people with hard hats too!  It comes in this really nice wooden box that Carter can carry.  How long until we lose a piece?

Nona and Papa got Tony a beautiful cashmere scarf and a golf business card holder for her desk.  He will warm now!!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Christmas at Nancy's

Carter and a new tractor

Nice slipper socks will come in handy this winter!

New nightgown.

Huskers are number 1!!!

Uncle Chad got Kennedy this little dog.  She named her Bella.  She loves it!

Uncle Chad made Carter this really cool wodden semi.  He can even ride on it!!

Hard to see, but we are outside spinkling reindeer food!

Reindeer food? what did you say?

Getting snacks for Santa..

Opening Stockings.

stockings, cont..
Christmas at Kevin's
playing a card game with Jill.

Playing together on the ipad.

Grandpa took the kids to the pig shed.  The smell was overwhelming!!

Went to Great-Grandpa Byron's and played with Sadie.

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Kennedy's Christmas Program
They reacting with songs the Nativity.  Kennedy was an angel.

Daddy and Carter waiting patiently.

Standing in line.

The picture is pretty blurry, but you can see how relaxed she was.  She stood there and waited for the program to start with her hands in her pockets.  Too funny!!! 

Looking for us in the crowd!!

She did such a great job.  She sang and knew all of the words.  It was awesome!!

Afterwards they had cookies which was Carter's favorite part!

Cheesin' with mom!
There was even a special visitor! Santa and Mrs. Claus!!!!

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

When we moved, the artificial Christmas tree was left in Topeka.  Too bad.  So, we had to get a new one.  On the suggestion of Tony(yes believe it folks!), we got a REAL one this year!  We drove around looking for a Christmas tree farm, only to get hungry and kindof lost.  :)  So we ended up getting one at Home Depot.  The kids were so excited!!!

Kennedy helped decorate and put the star on the top!

Daddy helping...

Carter just watched football and looked very dapper I might add!!
I forgot to put some pictures of the wedding.  In November, Kennedy was in Ruth's daughter's wedding.  We had a great time and the reception was one of the highlights.  Here are a few pics!!
Bustin' a move on the dance floor!!

Peace out dudes!!!

Kennedy and the ring bearer waiting for the next song.  They danced alot together....because Kennedy made him.  :)

Carter surprised everyone with the amount of dancing he did.  He was quite the entertainer!!!

Great picture of the kids and Kevin and Ruth!

Yes. We like to dance.

"Dad, I know how to dance. I don't need a lesson."  I am imaging that is what Kennedy is saying!

Hokie Pokie.

In case you can't quite see what is going on, that is Kennedy and Carter in the middle of the hokey pokey circle.  I'm not sure how it happened but they loved every minute of it!!!!
Kennedy and the bride, Jenna.  Don't they look beautiful?!!