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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Kennedy has recently become found of fruit. Not necessarily eating it, but holding in a carrying it around like it is a friend. First she carried around 2 roma tomatoes through the store all the way home and into the house. The other day it was a cantaloupe. This time she then carried it to the living room to watch tv with it. It is quite hilarious to see how serious she is about it. The first picture is of her after I tried to carry it instead. The next one is of her and her new friend watching t.v. I guess it could be worse...

Kennedy enjoyed her time in Garden City. Grandpa took her on the swings, that have seen better days, first thing in the morning (as you can see she is in her pjs) and they discovered a turtle together. Uncle Brian and his family were there. Kennedy really enjoyed "taken care" of Porter. Clearly, whether Porter wanted it or not, Kennedy was bound and determined to show Porter how wonderful a binky can be.

The last of the Bell's finally graduated!! Last weekend Kennedy, Aunty Katie and I went to see Matt graduate from GCHS.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Last week was the 5 year celebration of Kennedy's school being open. So they had "spirit week" if you will. One day was wear your favorite costume or outfit. I didn't think Kennedy was going to wear it, but once I got it on here she didn't want to take it off. So all the way to school, in her car seat, she had on this pink tutu. If you remember this is from her 9 month pictures. I can't believe it still fit, but what a wonder elastic waists are!

Kennedy is starting to show her independence. I asked her what she wanted to wear to school and this is what we came up with. The socks kindof match. Once she remembered they had ducks (really they are baby chicks) it was all over. She had to wear them. Kennedy has also started doing cheese. I'm not sure where she picked it up, but anytime you have a camera she immediately starts smiling and says cheese. I think any sort of normal smile is forever gone.

Sunday, May 04, 2008

Just doing a little reading....