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Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Well, Kennedy has done it again. The other night we were having dinner and I told her to eat her green beans. I was singing to her to the tune of Row, Row, Row your boat and this is her response. We have our hands full.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Kennedy and Carter love to dance!!! Carter is very subtle, but usually puts his hand up in the air. It's great! Kennedy, not surprisingly, is a little more animated! Here is a video to prove it! She has the ipod in so you can't hear the music, but look at her shakin' it!

Carter is growing faster than Kennedy. I'm not sure how they get so big so fast, but Carterman is doing it! He says Daddy all the time! Of course I gave birth to that wonderful head and he calls me Beth. That's right. Kennedy went through a phase and called me Beth so now that is all Carter calls me. Its great. I'm sure he will say it when I least expect it!

Obviously this isn't allowed, but he is so proud of himself!

Doesn't he look so busy!!!

I'm quickly becoming second fiddle to the much more fun Daddy!

Here is a picture of Kennedy taken last week. She is getting so big and saying the craziest things! Tony made her breakfast one morning and she told him that it made her nauseous. Yikes. You can imagine how well that went over! In the car, she tells Tony and I that she, "needs a minute, I mean 5 minutes of quiet time." And then she doesn't want us to talk! What will she be like when she is 15....hmmm...can't wait!