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Tuesday, December 09, 2008

The weather outside is frightful....

We played in the snow a little today. I think Kennedy is going to need snow pants this year!! Oh, and maybe the strawberry rainboots will need to be replaced with snowboots too!

We eventually gave up on pants all together. We are being creative with the winnie the pooh wrapping paper skirt. Project Runway here we come!!! Here are a few of the pantless wonder!

Potty Training!!!!

We officially started potty training last Friday. After a weekend of insanity, we have turned the corner. Today she has told me when she has to go, once after she already went, but we are making progress!!! Please send prayers as I am trying to hold it together, while I change wet underwear and hold a screaming baby! :)

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Carter in the bath. This was Kennedy's bath, Thanks Aunty Georgie!

Carter had his 1 month check-up yesterday. He is now 10 pounds 13 ounces. In a month he gained 3 pounds. I guess it is no surprise that my kids eat!

As you can see, the city kid isn't use to the "excitement" of the farm. The weather was freezing, but she had such a good time. Thanks, Grandpa! She was even on the farm radio and called to the house, "breaker, breaker, mom." It was too funny!

Down on the Farm!

Kennedy spent a little time feeding cows with Grandpa Kevin. She loved it! We are going to have to get her some boots because her bright white adidas are not a good idea on the farm!
Kennedy and Joe

Nana has a little golfer statue at her house and he is just Kennedy's height. I think she fell in love with him. She kept kissing him and hugging him. She would even boss him around and tell him to "stay there." It was hilarious!
Happy Belated Thanksgiving!!
Grandpa Kevin and Carter

Tony and Carter after turkey dinner.

Kennedy and Great-Grandpa Compton.

Aunty Katie and Carter

We spent some time in Hiawatha over the holiday and had a great time! We saw alot of Tony's family and Kennedy had a fun time bossing everyone around. She really is good at it! :) Here are a few pics.