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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Let the summer sports begin!!!
We are in week 2 of softball/tball.  Both kids are really enjoying it however it is a little hectic during the week!  Neither of the leagues the kids are in keep score at this point, but it is so fun to watch them. 
Kennedy-I have more pictures to add, but her as catcher was so stinking cute!!  She stayed in the crouched position even to through the ball.  Thankfully she didn't hit the batter when she threw it back to the pitcher!  Kennedy was batting once when the catcher hit her in the back with the ball.  Thankfully it was as hard as if a 9 month old had thrown it!!  She is throwing left-handed, but bats pretty good on either side!  She hasn't caught many balls(of course very few are hit in the air!), but she did stop a grounder and got the batter out when she played 1st base!  Tony was standing off the field by 1st base and I'm not sure who was prouder.  Kennedy of herself or Tony of Kennedy.  Priceless moment!
Carter-Carter has games on Monday and Wednesday nights.  He probably has one of the best arms on his team, but isn't very interested in getting the ball.  The first game he played catcher (I will add those pics later) and I am pretty sure it was because of his arm!  However, he has the biggest head on the team (most of the helmets don't fit him) so maybe they gave him the catcher helmet for safety!  :)  Here are a few from Carter's game last night.  He does pretty well for his first time.  Most of the kids hit the ball (they hit off of a stand) and run to the middle of the field instead of 1st.  Carter knows where to go and he usually hits it pretty far.  Here is a pic of the slugger!!!  The ball is in the air, look at the background, there is a kid in a blue coat and the ball is just over his head.  Not too shabby!