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Monday, February 17, 2014

Conference time!

Last week we had parent/teacher conferences for the kids. To no ones surprise they are doing great!  As expected Kennedy is learning so much!  She was evaluated for reading in September and read at a letter J.  Now in February she is reading at a level O.  Level J is what they are expected to be at for the END of first grade. Level O is for kids that are in the 2nd semester of THIRD grade!  

 Carter is another story.  He is ready for Kindergarten in the fall, which is good, but really has no interest in school.  Kennedy always wanted to play school, not Carter.  He is really excited for Kindergarten because that is when they can start playing flag football. You can imagine how happy Dad is about that!  He did tell me that he is the best kid in school.  He said, "I never have to move my clip!" Which is what they do when they are naughty.  :)
Anyway, all is good here and hoping to post more this year than last!  Happy President's Day!!

Sunday, February 16, 2014

Snow fun!

Yesterday the weather was finally warm enough to actually go outside and enjoy the snow!  Tony and Carter had a good time!