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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Too much!! Nancy had dinner with the kids and I tonight and Kennedy, as usual, stole the show. As we are driving back from Chili's, Nancy makes a comment about how Carter has such long and beautiful eyelashes. Kennedy pipes up and says, "Nana, I am officially your granddaughter! Don't you like me, too?" With her hands out and an accusing look that would make any italian grandmother proud. Nancy and I just laughed. Oh, Kennedy!

Here is Tony showing off his gifts from the kids for Father's day. We made him a tie with their picture on it. Kennedy cut them out so they are perfect in every way and they both colored them. The great thing is that Kennedy wrote his name on it, not Daddy, but Tony and Carter contributed several food stains to his. Priceless!
Kennedy had her dance recital on June 2nd. June 1st was the rehearsal and I took some video. Unfortunately I am not good at watching and videotaping as most of the video is of her feet. Way to go mom! However, she is still cute and thankfully the recital was professionally videotaped and she did really well at the recital. At the rehearsal you can videotape. At the recital you cannot. At the recital, the little girl next to Kennedy (who did not participate in the rehearsal as seen in the video) was trying to boss Kennedy and Kennedy told her to pay attention to the teacher. That's my girl. Don't mess with a performance! :) Most of the kids are already 4 and Kennedy is by far the youngest. As you can see, she can hold her own, but boy is it fun to watch them!!

The last picture is of Kennedy at home. I might have a career in make-up for beauty pageants. Can anyone say stage mom?! just kidding...
Once upon a time there was a girl who wanted her families to see her kids grow-up. She created a blog and added pictures quite often so her family would not miss the important events. That girl still exists, but sucks at updating the blog. I will try to do better. I promise! Here are a few pics.