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Saturday, May 19, 2007

We are behind! Many things have happened since I last posted a message. Kennedy dove into a toy and received her first goose egg. You can see it is on the right side of her head, the first picture, a little purple mark. Tony and I went to Las Vegas, without Kennedy. :( It was a great time, but we both missed her terribly. My mom stayed with her for a little bit and then Tony's mom came. Kennedy has so much fun! Thanks, Grandmas! Kennedy had her 6 month birthday! She had to wear her Nacho Baby shirt and her 80's blue skirt! I can't believe she has already been around for 6 months. It seems like we have had her for years! She is sitting up and rolling over(when she feels like it), but not crawling yet. I think she would rather walk. Daddy and I would prefer her to stay still as long as possible. The last picture is of her cheesing and another battle would across her nose. She was playing tug-a-war with an older kid. She won the toy, but ended up with the wound!

Thursday, May 03, 2007

Each night the stateroom attendant would make an animal and Kennedy would just eat them up! Here she is with the owl. Another picture of her catching some rays.

We have been very busy at the Compton house. Kennedy went on her first cruise and first plane! We had a great time and Kennedy was the hit of the ship. Everywhere we went people talked to her and tried to hold her. By the end, everyone was calling her little princess. Here are the pictures for you to enjoy. First plane ride, first hotel room, first mariachi band, first ocean swim, etc.