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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Yes, they are holding an alligator.  They love them and want to watch the show Gator Boys all the time. It is weird.

Just a few little tidbits.....

  • Kennedy and Carter got money for Valentine's Day-thank you Nancy, Alissa and Rosemary
    • We went to Target and I told them they could have $5 and pick something out.  We were obviously in the $1 section.  When I explained to them how much they had and how much they could get, Carter looked and me and said, "UGH!  I wish I had a job."  In this sad, disappointed voice.  It was priceless, as if he was looking for a job.  :)
  • We were driving in the car and I asked the kids what I was going to do when they both are in school full time.  Kennedy said, "Go to the bar and have lunch with your friends."  In the matter of fact way that she says things like that.  I laughed and said, "what?"  She then said, "are you thinkin, 'what has my husband done to her!' ?!"  She is too much!!
  • Carter eating a kit kat, "boy I just love these kitty kats!"  :)
  • Kennedy and I were reading a book and it had hippos in it and I commented on how cute they were.  Kennedy's response, "They are cute, but will kill you.  Just to alarm you."
  • Lastly, we had conferences last week and they are both during very well.  It is amazing how much Kennedy has learned.  She is doing math and reading at the 1st grade level.  She loves school!  Carter is doing well.  He likes to hang out with his buddies and is learning so much!