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Friday, August 26, 2011

A few updates.....
  • This week at school the teacher has been doing asessments on all of the children.  Obviously, they do this at the beginning of the school year and again at the end to see their progress.  Kennedy's teacher stopped me today and said that Kennedy has already mastered all of the skills that are expected of kindergartners!  The teacher asked if I would mind if Kennedy had advanced lesson plans and used her as more of a peer model for the rest of the class!  I was totally excited and Kennedy looked at me and said, "I know."  Smarty pants!!!
  • We have a house in Minnesota!!  We close on October 7th.  Thankfully we will be up there before the real cold gets there!!! I am getting quotes from movers next week to hammer out all of the details.  We have yet to sell our house so PLEASE keep us in your prayers!

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just a little tidbit....
Kennedy likes to tell me at bedtime that she is "SO hungry!!!"  I told her no and this was her response...
"Mom, if you don't give me a snack, I will stay up all night and bother you."  Needless to say she went to bed without a snack.  I imagine Tony telling Nancy something like this when he was young.  :)

Monday, August 22, 2011

A little family time in Hiawatha this weekend..

Kevin got the 4-wheeler out for the kids to ride on.  They had an awesome time.

Well, why wouldn't you let a 4 year-old drive a 4-wheeler by herself!  Nice, dad!!!!

You might notice the 4-wheeler looks a little stuck.

The 4-wheeler is out but Tony is not out of trouble. Little Tony (kennedy) is very upset!

Carter liked the 4-wheeler  but was looking forward to the tractor.  In case you can't hear him, he is saying, "I'm so happy!"
Royals Game!!
Sunday we took to the kids to the Royals game.  Although the Royals lost, we had a great time!!!

I painted the kids faces because....well why not?

Watching the Royals warm-up.

The stadium has a great kids section.  Here they are riding the carousel.

They have an area where the kids can hit the ball and then run the bases like the real field, only ALOT smaller.  Here the kids are waiting...

Here is Kennedy winding up!

Kennedy running the bases!

Carter getting ready to hit it!!!

Carter running the bases.  He ran the entire field...not just the bases but the entire field!  he was a little confused!

Kennedy playing in the water...

Carter was not too sure about it!!

We had lunch at the 309 Grill.  Here the kids are waiting for our reservation..
we had great seats!  Section 224, row E.  Carter watched alot of the game and enjoyed the cotton candy!

Kennedy loved it!  Whenever the Royals did something good and we clapped, Kennedy did the Arsenio Hall fist pump.  It was great!

On the way home! 


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Yesterday was Kennedy's first day of school!  Until we actually leave, Kennedy will continue to go to Christ the King.  Here are a few of Kennedy and Carter.  Carter asked when he was going to school.  That is a good sign since I was afraid he would have a hard time next year! The pictures of him are so cute that I had to include them!

Monday, August 15, 2011

Big News!!!

This weekend Kennedy learned to ride her bike without training wheels!!!  Tony took them off on Saturday afternoon and this video was taken on Sunday afternoon.  She even road down the street with us.  She was so brave!  Tony taught her to ride into the grass if she felt out of control and she wiped out about 10 times, but kept on going!  We are so proud of her!!!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kevin was here last weekend and we had breakfast after church and on the way in we realized he brought his mini-me.  :)

This guy was hanging out with Tony at work the other day.

Kansas Children's Discovery Center

This is a room made out of plexi glass and the kids can paint on the walls.  It is very cool.

They have an automotive center and Carter was checking the back of the car.  It looks so funny,

Here is Kenendy checking it too!
Kids Quotes

Kennedy-Everyday she is more and more like Tony.  It is quite amazing!
  • We went to swim at our friends house and she looked at the grass and said, "Hmm they have crabgrass too."
  • Kennedy asked me if we had a particular movie and I said no.  She responded with, "Is it on Cox Demand?"  That is our cable provider.  What?!
  • We were having breakfast out after Church last Sunday and she was ready to go.  She stood up by the table with her hands out and said, "Are we gonna go or what?!"  Thanks Tony for your impatience.  I have grown to love it all over again!  :)
Carter-You can understand him more and more.  He still doesn't talk as much as Kennedy (I don't think that is possible) but he is saying more and more.
  • I took Carter to the bathroom before mass started and the priest said hello to him.  Carter looked at me and said, "Jesus said hi to me."
  • I asked Carter if he wanted to go to the Children's Discovery Center and he said, "Hmmm, I don't know about that."

Summer time!!
We have been swimming alot this summer and Carter loves to pose by the pool!!

Siblings!!!  They seem to play pretty well together, but the love to wrestle!!

Our sitter gave the kids a bubble machine and the kids love it!!  Don't ask me why Carter has a long sleeve shirt on...oh, it has curious George on it!!

This is Kennedy's good friend, Kingston.  They had summer camp together

Nona and Papa came into town and the kids got to swim at the pool.  Kennedy was using floaties here but last weekend she swam the length of our friends pool without floaties or stopping!!  It was pretty awesome!!  Our little fish!!!

Our little golfers
After church last one evening we went to the golf course and the kids had a great time!!!

Camp GC 2011
When Tony and I went on the Alaskan cruise, the kids stayed at my parents house.  We called it Camp GC.  It just happened to be Beef Empire Days.  They were so many things going on the kids had a great time!  Here are some highlights!

A little yard work...

Having fun with Nona and Papa!!

Story time at the Zoo!

2 of the cutest cowboys/girls you have ever seen!!  My parents took the kids to the rodeo!!

Cuttin watermelon in the backyard with Papa.

hanging out with Uncle Matt.

They did crafts everyday!

They went to a concert in the park and then participated in the parade.

Went to the parade and saw the awesome farm equipment. Obviously the highlight for Carter!!!