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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Big day!!  Santa brought Kennedy a "Girls Day."
Here we are having lunch.  Haley has a special chair to sit in.

We played a getting to know you game.  You can see Kennedy had a fancy drink.  I moved my long island ice tea out of the shot. Just kidding!!!  Side note:Kennedy tried to squeeze the strawberry in her drink like you do for a lemon.  Too cute!

Aferwards Kennedy got her ears pierced.  She pretended to be scared!

The earrings are dark red.  She picked the darkest earring she could.  :)  She was so brave and didn't cry at all!  She said it didn't hurt and she acted like it too!!

Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas!!!
Carter was very happy about the BatCave he received from Nona and Papa.

"Bravo" Carter said.

New puppy for Haley, Kennedy's american girl doll.


come on?!  too cute, right?!

Monday, December 24, 2012

Last week was Kennedy's little performance in dance.  She was supposed to wear her pjs, but I suck and forgot.  :)
Here is the video.  She is of course in the red leo and black tights.


Sunday, December 23, 2012

First of the ice skating!!!
The hardest part is getting ready!!!

Carter did very well this year!  He can go very fast while holding on to his "walker".  He actually goes too fast!  He consistently tried to take you out because he can quickly come up behind you.  It is actually pretty dangerous!  :)

Kennedy didn't need to use the walker at all this year.  She is quite a little skater!

I went in to make hot cocoa and the kids played in the snow!

crazy skating hair!!!!

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Kennedy was supposed to be taking a nap.  She came down once and Tony told her that she had to stay in bed until 2:45.  She came down at 2:39 and I said, "Didn't Daddy say you had to stay in your bed until 2:45?  I looked at the clock and said, "that doens't say 2:45."  She gave me this look and said, "My clock said 2:45.  Your clock must to be slow."  Let the holidays begin!!

Monday, December 17, 2012

I have been meaning to send this to everyone so you can keep an eye on Kennedy at school.
Here is the link to not only Kennedy's school, but to her teachers website.  She posts pictures of what the kids are doing and if you click on weekly newsletter you can see exactly what Kennedy is doing each week.
Happy Monday!!!

Sunday, December 16, 2012

Yesterday we did a little holiday baking.  My 2 favorite helpers were there to assist.

A week ago today in about a 24 hour period, we received 14 inches of snow.  It was awesome!!! The kids had a great time and I think Tony did too!  They were outside for well over an hour and I had to call them in because it was dark outside.
all ready to go!!

waiting for daddy..

1 little snow bunny..

2 little snow bunnies!

Monday, December 10, 2012

Christmas Tree Time!!!!
On Saturday, we went a picked out a Christmas tree and want a real one again. 

Kenendy and I showing how beautiful it is!!

Great helper!!

You can see how nice it is outside.  No snow...wait until the next post!!

We need decorated the tree and this is what I wanted it to be..

It was really more like this.

We had Christmas music going and we had so much fun!!! Carter and Tony played football.  You can see Carter sneaking around behind the tree.

Friday, December 07, 2012

Last weekend we had the honor of going to my brother Matt's Senior recital.  It was awesome!  The kids loved it!  There were about 40-50 people there and Matt was outstanding.  When you have a little brother and you hear them bang around on the drums in the basement, you are not quite prepared for the amazing sound they can really produce!  I am blown away everytime I hear Matt perform!  We are so proud of you Matt!! We got to spend a little time with the family as well.  It was so much fun!  Next time, everyone will have to stay for drinks!!

We had to celebrate with a little champagne!!

Breakfast the next morning....extreme close-up!

the nieces and nephews.

Monday, December 03, 2012

The deerslayer strikes again!!!
Last week, we went to Hiawatha so Tony could rid the world of another buck.  After 2 full days of hunting he finally got one on the morning of the third day.  He was very happy!!
first we had to put of the deer stand in the living room and practice.  That is Kennedy pretending to be a deer and Carter shooting her.  If they hadn't loved it so much I would feel really bad about it. 

My adorable family!!

Grandpa having a little time with the kids.

Busted!  Eating puppy chow!!

Ruth and Kenendy snuggling!
Thankfully we decided that we were not going to mount this one.

Tony and his hunting buddy Brad.