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Sunday, October 28, 2007

Sorry it has been so long since the last post. Tony and I went to Hawaii and Kennedy spent some time with Grandma. We are working on pictures from both trips, but here is our little "clown" after discovering the greatness of powered donuts! Don't you just want to pick her up!

Monday, October 08, 2007

Now that Kennedy is settling into the house, she is walking everywhere and exploring crawling into things. She doesn't really fit under the coffee table, but has managed to crawl in and out of the table without bumping her head. She must have my balance!

While we were unpacking, Kennedy was exploring. I think she thought there was actually something in this cup. It was very funny to see her tip back the cup and then look in it and do it all over again.

Kozmo and Kennedy have reunited. Kozmo gives Kennedy kisses all the time and she has started to go ate him with an open mouth. We try to stop them, but they are becoming very close budddies. Kozmo follows her around and she follows him. The first day Kozmo was in the house he ran right up to Kennedy's room and she was sleeping and he licked her head. It was very cute. Here is Kennedy unpacking in her jammies and Kozmo keeping watch at the door.

We are in it!!! Finally, we are in the house! I can't say that we are completely moved in, however all of our stuff is in one place. We had lots of friends and family helping. Kennedy took time on the move in day to "wrestle" with one of our friends. Gracie is in 1st grade, but that didn't stop Kennedy from crawling on top of her.