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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Happy Birthday, Kennedy!!!

 Kennedy had school today and was able to bring snacks.  They had a great hat for her!

Handing out the cookies we made.  They were chocolate chip cookies with frosting and a red "K" on them.  Kennedy also thought they needed sprinkles so they were bedazzled too!!

Kennedy acting emabarrassed when everyone sang Happy Birthday!

Monday, November 01, 2010

I'm not sure which picture is more our family.  The crazy one with everyone going a different direction or the nicely posed one...hmm.....
Happy Halloween!

Happy Halloween!!!!
Happy witch and happy spider!

Scarrrrrry witch and confused spider.

Adorable Witch!

Over-the-costume spider.

Flying witch...I made the broom and Nana brought Kennedy the cat.  Mom thought that with shoes, a hat, a broom and a candy bucket we were good for accesories.  Nana pulled through, though and brought a cat for Kennedy.  Thanks, Nana!


Once Carter realized that he was going to get candy, he was very happy!!!

Thursday Kennedy had her Halloween party at school. Here are a few pictures.

Having snack with her friends...

Going on a parade.

Singing a song..

After the party, Kennedy and Carter played outside a little bit.  Carter had a photoshoot for GQ....

Cutest 2-yearold you know, right?!
Happy Birthday Carter!!!

There's the birthday boy with his Thomas the Train balloon.  The theme of his party was airplane, however it is hard to find airplane decorations.  So, a "choo, choo" is what he got.  He was very happy!

Waiting for the guests to arrive, Carter read a book to Grandpa and Ruth.

Praying before lunch.

Opening presents with Daddy.  Thank you everyone for the great gifts!!  Carter has a hard time deciding what to play with next.  He loves them all!!

Carter's airplane cake.  Yes, I made it and yes, it is sliding off to the right.  It is a crashing airplane cake.  :)

The whole crazy family enjoying cake.  Carter is, obviously, the only one who knew what camera to look at!  Thanks for taking pictures, Uncle Matt!!!

enjoying the cake! Of course, he is eating with a fork.  He is very neat!

Although Carter went to bed late, after 2 1/2 hours, we decided that we shouldn't let him sleep until 5.  I went to check on him and this is what I found.  He was obviously reminiscing about the great party!